1st Time Snowboarding




1st Time Snowboarding

First time Snowboarding: what children will need

When introducing a child to snowboarding for the first time, make sure they have the appropriate gear for a safe and enjoyable experience on the slopes. 

SENDY’s put together a list of essential snowboarding gear for children:

Snowboard: Start with a child-appropriate snowboard that is sized correctly for their height and weight. Most snowboard manufacturers provide sizing guidelines for kids. A smaller, softer board is recommended for beginners.

Snowboard Bindings: Choose bindings that are compatible with the child's snowboard and will securely hold their snowboard boots to the board. The bindings should be adjustable to accommodate different boot sizes.

Snowboard Boots: Invest in comfortable, supportive snowboard boots that fit properly. They should provide good ankle support and fit snugly without being too tight. Make sure they’re warm and waterproof!

Snowboard Helmet: Falls and collisions are part of learning and a  properly fitting snowboard helmet is essential to protect your child's head in case of this. Make sure it’s a helmet certified for snow sports use.

Goggles: Snow sports goggles are crucial for protecting the child's eyes from wind, snow, and UV rays. Choose goggles with good visibility, anti-fog features, and UV protection. Make sure they fit comfortably over the helmet.

Jacket and Pants: Get a good-quality snowboard jacket and pants that are waterproof and insulated to keep the child warm and dry. Make sure they are breathable to prevent overheating. Bright colored clothing is a simple safety feature.

Base Layers: Provide moisture-wicking thermal base layers (tops and bottoms) to keep the child warm and comfortable. Avoid cotton as it doesn't wick moisture well.

Socks: Choose warm, moisture-wicking socks to keep feet comfortable and dry inside boots. Using multiple pairs of socks can cause discomfort and affect circulation.

Gloves or Mittens: Insulated gloves or mittens designed for snow sports are essential to keep hands warm and dry. Make sure they are waterproof, fit well, and provide good grip.

Wrist Guards: Wrist injuries are common in snowboarding, especially for beginners. Wrist guards can help protect a child's wrists from impact injuries, and they can be worn under gloves or mittens.

Protective Padding: Depending on a child's age and ability, consider additional protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, and padded shorts. These provide extra protection during falls.

Snowboard Leash: A snowboard leash can be attached to the child's snowboard to prevent it from sliding away when they're not on it. This is especially helpful for young beginners.

Backpack: A small backpack can be handy for carrying essentials like snacks, water, and extra layers and a walkie-talkie with the proper channel selected.

Sunscreen: With high SPF to protect the child's skin from the sun's reflection off the snow, or even on overcast days.

Lesson and Supervision: Enroll your child in a beginner's snowboarding lesson with a certified instructor. And ensure there is adult supervision at all times while on the slopes.

When selecting gear for a child, consider their age, size, and skill level. Renting equipment for the first few outings can be a cost-effective way to introduce a child to snowboarding, as their growth rate may necessitate frequent gear upgrades. Or see SENDY.io

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