Battarix Power Card: Designed for Emergencies




Battarix Power Card: Designed for Emergencies

Battarix Power Card: Designed for Emergencies

Battarix is the world’s smallest and most technologically advanced, always-ready, backup power supply for mobile devices. It has universal compatibility, an impressive 8 year shelf life, and approx. 2 hour charge. Battarix is a high quality solution to your low phone battery in remote places or emergencies. It’s the perfect addition to your wallet or emergency kit. 

It arrives pre-charged (1600 mAh)

You’ll be impressed with how compact it is. Ultra-slim, credit-card size, with charging cables (USB C + Lightning adapters) built-in.

Great for your outdoor adventures, the battery has a temperature stability of -40 F to 257 degrees F.

This power card is certified safe (UN38.3 Certification) so it meets the strict US standards for the transportation of lithium-ion batteries.

These charging cards can be recycled anywhere that accepts batteries.

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