Salkan Backpacks Meet SENDY Standards




Salkan Backpacks Meet SENDY Standards

Salkan Backpacks Meet SENDY Standards

Salkan considers the future of the planet with every pack they make, so they decided to design and make backpacks that survive adventures and get better with time.

The ‘Backpacker’ is the brainchild of two guys who wanted to create the perfect backpack for traveling and adventure. And they nailed it! We love the two attachable backpacks, built for adventure travel & the outdoors.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, smartly organized and extremely comfortable travel backpack, this combo backpack and removable daypack might be just the ticket. Both packs have 2 side water bottle pockets (also good for sunglasses & gloves), a hidden pocket on the back, a top quick-access pocket, and a drawstring closure in the main compartment, covered by the top flap.

The Mainpack (45L) has a large horse-shoe shaped front opening, a large, removable waist strap, a top flap that’s secured with two G-hooks, and a side handle that’s easy to grab. The design includes a harness system that adjusts to accommodate different body types and sizes. The shoulder straps feature load lifters, the back panel is breathable and soft, and there’s a sternum strap, and that chunky waist belt that make carrying this beast quite comfortable.

The Daypack (20L) has a zippered pouch on the inside, good for your wallet, passport and phone, a 15” laptop compartment, padded, and secured with a velcro flap, a quick-access top pocket with fleece lining for delicate items, a hidden side pocket on the back panel to hide a passport or other sensitive items, which can be reached even when the pack is on.

Salkan has a ‘No Landfill’ Lifetime Guarantee

“We’ve found, over the years, that there are a lot of backpacks that either fall apart or go out of fashion. That creates a lot of waste and demand for new ones. The best thing we can do to reduce our demand on the planet’s resources is keep and use the things we own for longer. Our aim is to reduce the number of backpacks that go into landfills by making high quality gear that people love for years and pass down through generations.”

Weatherproof and Durable

Made from recycled 900D COTNA to keep your kit dry in those unexpected showers. The backpack has the look and feel of a Canvas backpack with the quick-dry and rugged benefits of a modern fabric.


If there’s something wrong with your backpack, they’ll try to repair it, and if they can’t, they’ll replace it.Any well used backpack is bound to pick up a snag or travel scar. Get in touch to enquire about a repair.

Second Life

‘Second Life’ is a part of their mission to keep any Salkan products from going into a landfill. So, they sell a range of bags that have been on previous adventures or didn't quite pass quality control.

1% For The Planet

Since September 2020, they’ve been giving 1% of sales to do their part to preserve the planet. Makes sense, since their packs are made to explore the planet. In fact, Salkan is committed to giving 1% for life! 



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