How to Choose a Camera Backpack: protection, organization & easy access




How to Choose a Camera Backpack: protection, organization & easy access

How to Choose a Camera Backpack

Choosing a good camera backpack will greatly enhance your photography experience by providing convenience, protection, and organization for your gear. 

We’ve listed a few of the top camera backpacks, considering features you’ll want, like capacity, comfort, protection, and accessibility:

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2: has a customizable interior with flexible dividers, quick top access and side zippers, durable, weatherproof construction, expandable capacity and external carry straps, and it’s available in 20L and 30L sizes.

It’s a versatile design, made of high-quality materials and comfortable to wear, but it will cost more.

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II: has four access points: top, sides, and back, a SlipLock compatible strap system for attaching additional gear, a built-in all-weather cover, and customizable interior with padded dividers.

You’ll get excellent protection and organization, durability and weather-resistance, but it can be bulky when fully loaded.

Dakine DLX Photo Backpack 32L: has a large main compartment with padded dividers for your gear, rear access to camera compartment for added security, a padded laptop sleeve, multiple external pockets for accessories, and water-repellent fabric and rain cover.

It’s spacious, well-organized, and offers excellent protection for gear, however it can be bulky when fully loaded.

Shimoda Explore V2 35: has multiple access points (rear, side, and top), adjustable torso height for a custom fit, weather-resistant materials and zippers and removable camera inserts in a customizable interior.

You’ll find it comfortable for long hikes, versatile and spacious, but it comes at a premium price.

Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack 35L: designed in collaboration with photographer Peter McKinnon, this pack is expandable from 35L to 42L, has quick side access, removable dividers, a customizable interior, and it’s made of water-resistant materials and durable construction.

This pack is stylish and functional, with expandable capacity, however it’s expensive and heavier in comparison to others.

Thule Aspect DSLR Backpack: this bag has dedicated compartments for camera gear, laptop, and personal items, added adjustable dividers for customization, weather-resistant materials, and comfortable shoulder straps with a padded back panel.

It’s affordable, with a good balance of features and price, but has limited access points compared to some other backpacks.

Manfrotto Pro Light RedBee-310: has multi-access design (rear, top, and side access), modular interior with dividers, it’s lightweight and durable, and has a rain cover included.

This pack is lightweight, with excellent protection and accessibility, but it has a smaller capacity and may not suit all needs.

MindShift Gear BackLight 26L: this pack comes with a rear-panel access for security and comfort, padded compartments and customizable dividers, it’s hydration reservoir compatible, and made of weather-resistant and durable materials.

It’s great for outdoor and travel photography, comfortable and secure, but rear access can be less convenient for quick gear changes.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Camera Backpack:

Look for padded shoulder straps, adjustable chest and waist straps, and a breathable back panel.

Consider how easily you can access your gear; side, top, and rear access points can be very helpful.

Ensure the backpack offers sufficient padding and weather resistance to protect your gear.

Customizable dividers and multiple compartments will help keep your gear organized and safe.

Match the backpack capacity with your typical gear load and travel needs.

These are some of the excellent options available, each catering to different needs and preferences. When you’re choosing a camera backpack, consider the features that are most important to you and how you plan to use it.

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