A Phone Leash for Adventures & Mishaps!




A Phone Leash for Adventures & Mishaps!

A Smartphone Leash for Adventures, and especially mishaps!

The KOALA is a smartphone leash for anyone headed outdoors! It’s a crucial piece of gear for adventuring, whether on snow, rock, river or trail, and indispensable on the job site.

The design is simple, secure and compact, and slips over any phone (case or not) to protect your device from damage and loss. It also allows for all lenses to work unobstructed.

The KOALA is made using a washable matte silicone that gives it traction against your phone. It’ll hold tight as long as three of the 4 loops stay over the corners of your device.

How it works: slide a corner of the KOALA harness over the corresponding corner on your phone to anchor it. Make sure the leash tab is oriented at the bottom of your phone. Next, stretch each corner over the remaining 3 corners until it’s snugly holding your phone.

When your phone is firmly harnessed, clip or clamp the tether to yourself or somewhere secure. A seam on a jacket, backpack flap or pocket hem make great choices if you're using the clamp option. Both are included.

The lifetime durability of the KOALA makes for happy customers and less SH*T in landfills! This is a key part of the SENDY philosophy...

If you ever do have any trouble, your covered with a 100% Guarantee Warranty. 

Mishaps happen, but there’s no need to lose your phone in the snow, or down a rock face.

Adventure on!

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