The Perfect Chair for Apres Adventure Days




The Perfect Chair for Apres Adventure Days

KilosGear Has Made the Perfect Chair

Quality gear that is simple, comfortable, functional, and user-friendly for every kind of outdoor adventure, that's the KilosGear motto. You can count on gear that weighs less, so you can travel farther.

Once you’re off the trail, the rock, or out of the water, you’ll want some serious outdoor comfort. You can relax and lounge lavishly in this wider and larger high back chair. KilosGear includes a soft pillow and padded armrests, but for maximum comfort add the footrest/stool and put your feet up!

The innovative design of adjustable legs allows you to choose the perfect height. Or remove the legs and transform into a ground chair in seconds.

From leaning back for a nap, to sitting up for a chat: switch from dining upright to reclining with the adjustable legs. Tailor your seat to the occasion that best supports your posture — all in one chair.

Set up: each metal pole is connected by durable elastic cords (like tent poles), so there’s no guesswork. Just stretch, connect, and secure, and your chair is ready to cradle you in comfort.

The square base makes a solid foundation for support, and an aluminum alloy frame makes it exceptionally durable.

When it's time to pack up, this spacious chair breaks down into a compact duffel, perfect for any trip where space is of a premium.


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