Backcountry Water Filter Essentials




Backcountry Water Filter Essentials

Backcountry Water Filter Essentials

Here are several options for filtering water while backpacking:

Pump filters: use a hand pump to force water through a filter and into a container. They are effective at removing a wide range of contaminants and are a good option for group trips. A favorite of ours, they just work.

Gravity filters: use gravity to pull water through a filter and into a container. They're convenient for larger groups and base camps. You can easily fill a 7 gallon jug with these within about 30 minutes.

Squeeze filters: are compact and lightweight, and use a squeeze bag to force water through a filter. They are a good option for solo or lightweight trips.

Straw filters: are personal, handheld filters that allow you to drink directly from a water source. They are the lightest and most compact option, but may not be suitable for groups or for filtering large quantities of water.

Chemical treatments: such as iodine or chlorine dioxide, are another option for filtering water. They're lightweight and compact, but can take longer to purify water and may affect the taste of the water. We recommend these when traveling in foreign countries as a backup option for water treatment.

When choosing a water filter, consider the specific needs of your trip, the types of water sources you'll be accessing, and your personal preferences. It's also important to regularly maintain and clean your filter to ensure it continues to work effectively.

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