Rooftop Tents: What's New?




Rooftop Tents: What's New?

Rooftop Tents

The latest rooftop tents (RTTs) combine innovation, durability, and comfort to provide you with a convenient and cozy camping experience no matter your adventure. 


Hardshell Design: these tents have gained popularity for their quick setup and sleek appearance. They have a durable, aerodynamic shell that flips open to reveal the sleeping area, providing protection from the elements and easy access to the interior. Many come with built-in gas struts or hydraulic mechanisms that assist with opening and closing the tent, making setup and teardown easy.

Integrated Annex Rooms: some tents come with integrated annex rooms that attach to the bottom of the tent, providing additional living space or storage area. Annex rooms can be used as changing rooms, dining areas, or even extra sleeping quarters for larger groups. They often feature zippered windows, mesh panels, and awnings for ventilation and versatility.

Lightweight Construction: manufacturers are increasingly using lightweight materials (aluminum, fiberglass, and composite plastics) in the construction of rooftop tents to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency when driving. Despite their lightweight construction, modern rooftop tents are engineered to be durable and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Advanced Fabrics: many softshell rooftop tents are made of fabrics that are waterproof, breathable, and UV-resistant. These fabrics provide protection from rain, wind, and sun exposure while maintaining comfort inside the tent. Some RTTs come with removable, washable, and replaceable fabric covers, allowing you to replace worn-out covers over time.

Interior Comfort Features: such as thick foam mattresses, built-in LED lighting, and storage pockets are becoming more common in rooftop tents. These features make spending the night in a tent more comfortable and enjoyable. Some RTTs even come with additional amenities like USB ports, gear lofts, and ventilation fans.

Modular Accessories: allow you to customize your setup to suit your specific needs and preferences. These include awnings, roof racks, gear mounts, and solar panels, among others. Modular accessories make it easy to expand the functionality of a rooftop tent and adapt it for weekend, or epic overland adventures.

Rooftop tents are revolutionizing the way people camp and explore the great outdoors. Enjoy!

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