Yes! Prescription Goggles.




Yes! Prescription Goggles.

Yes!  Prescription Goggles

Several respected companies manufacture prescription goggles if you require corrective lenses to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. These goggles are designed to accommodate a wide range of vision needs while providing protection from the elements. 

Check out:

Smith Optics: a leading manufacturer of eyewear for skiing and snowboarding, they offer a variety of prescription-compatible goggles with options for different lens technologies and styles.

Oakley: another popular brand, produces high-performance goggles suitable for all winter sports. You can get prescription inserts to fit into compatible goggle models so you’ll enjoy clear vision on the slopes.

Bolle: known for producing a range of sports eyewear, including goggles for skiing and snowboarding, they offer prescription inserts or lenses that can be customized to fit specific goggle models, providing clear vision and protection against glare and UV rays.

Spy Optic: offers prescription-compatible goggles with features like anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings for enhanced durability and visibility in challenging conditions.

Dragon Alliance: manufactures goggles tailored for snow sports, with options for prescription inserts or lenses.

These companies offer all kinds of lens options, including options for different prescriptions, lens tints, and lens coatings to suit various lighting conditions and your personal preference. Many of these brands provide the option to customize goggles with prescription lenses through authorized dealers or online orders. 

Take advantage of the prescription goggle option to make the most of your days in the snow!

How to Get Prescription Goggles

Oakley, for example, offers prescription goggles through their Oakley Authentic Prescription program. Here's how they typically make them:

Custom Prescription Lenses: provide your prescription details to Oakley when ordering, and they’ll create lenses tailored to your vision needs.

Lens Insert Compatibility: prescription lenses are made to fit into a removable lens system seamlessly. Some Oakley goggles may also have built-in prescription lenses, depending on the model.

Frame Design: Oakley designs their goggles with compatibility in mind, ensuring adequate space and support for prescription lenses. The frame design allows for easy installation and secure placement of your prescription lenses.

Optical Clarity and Quality: Oakley maintains high standards for optical clarity and quality in their prescription lenses. Advanced lens technologies minimize distortion and provide clear vision, even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Testing and Quality Assurance: rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures are conducted to ensure that your prescription goggles meet optical standards and performance requirements.

Customization Options: consider lens coatings, tints, and other features to enhance your visual experience, including glare reduction and UV protection.

Oakley's prescription goggles offer a combo of performance, style, and vision correction, for all outdoor winter adventures.

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