Scarpa Climbing Shoes




Scarpa Climbing Shoes

Scarpa is an Italian company that designs and manufactures high-quality climbing shoes for a variety of climbing styles and levels of difficulty. Some popular Scarpa climbing shoe models include:

Scarpa Instinct

The Instinct, known for its precision and sensitivity, is a versatile, slipper-style climbing shoe that can handle a range of climbing styles, from bouldering to sport climbing. It features a downturned profile and a low-volume toe box for maximum control on small holds. The shoes are made with synthetic materials for durability and feature a flat last design for comfort. Different models in the Instinct series are designed for different types of climbing and offer varying levels of stiffness and support.

Scarpa Booster is a climbing shoe designed for experienced climbers. It is a high-performance shoe with a downturned shape for aggressive edging and a supportive midsole for maximum power transfer. The Booster features a comfortable and snug fit with a slingshot rand and a fast lacing system for a secure fit. The Vibram XS Edge sole provides excellent grip on rock and the suede upper is durable and breathable.

The Scarpa Drago is a versatile, all -around climbing shoe that is designed for performance climbing and bouldering. It is known for its aggressive downturn, precision fit, and high level of sensitivity, which makes it ideal for overhanging routes and technical climbing. Reviewers generally praise the Drago for its performance, durability, and comfortable fit, although some note that it can be quite tight for those with wider feet. Overall, the Drago is considered to be a top-performing climbing shoe for advanced climbers.

Vapor V: A versatile and comfortable climbing shoe, suitable for beginner to intermediate climbers.

Maestro: A high-performance, aggressive climbing shoe designed for advanced climbers and demanding routes.

Helix: A comfortable, high-performance climbing shoe designed for intermediate to advanced climbers, with a moderate downturn and a precise fit.

Furia: An aggressive, high-performance climbing shoe designed for overhanging routes and advanced climbers, with a steep downturn and a highly precise fit.

Chimera: An aggressive lace up for hard bouldering and sport climbing. A stiff toe box with a flexible mid-sole allows for great performance on steeper climbs.

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