Bula, another Success Story from the 80's




Bula, another Success Story from the 80's

The Bula Brand, How it all Began

In 1983, three US Ski Team members stopped in Fiji for a break before returning home to Colorado. They loved the casual laid back attitude of the Fijians, and the colors and prints they wore. They were inspired and started making hats and headbands from similar colors and prints and sold them back home.

With ski racing so popular at the time, once they persuaded the US ski team to make Bula the official headwear supplier, they received worldwide exposure. Finding themselves in demand, this passionate group of outdoor enthusiasts embarked on a quest to create high-quality winter apparel that could withstand the harsh conditions.

Fueled by their love for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities, the founders of Bula were determined to design gear that combined functionality, durability, and style. They sought to address the needs of fellow winter sports enthusiasts who demanded reliable and comfortable clothing and accessories to enhance their outdoor experiences.

Bula quickly gained recognition for its innovative designs and commitment to quality craftsmanship. Its extensive range of products, including hats, gloves, scarves, base layers, and accessories, became staples for anyone seeking reliable gear for cold-weather adventures.

In 2001, Bula, relocated to Canada where they draw inspiration from the vibrant and diverse cultures of Canada, as well as the dynamic nature of winter sports, and infuse their products with a sense of adventure, energy, and authenticity. The brand's name, "Bula,", is derived from Fijian culture, where it means "hello" or "welcome," reflecting the brand's ever inclusive and welcoming ethos. and remains one of the few companies in the industry that still manufactures its own products in North America.

Over the years, Bula expanded its reach beyond Canada, and established itself as a global leader in winter apparel and accessories. The brand's continued dedication to performance, style, and sustainability makes it a good investment, and has earned it a loyal following among athletes and outdoor adventurers worldwide.

To this day, Bula remains true to its roots, staying connected to its Canadian Rockies heritage while embracing innovation and creativity in product design. Whether navigating snowy slopes, exploring frosty trails, or simply enjoying the winter wonderland, Bula will equip you to embrace the beauty and excitement of winter.

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