EPIC Pass or IKON Pass?




EPIC Pass or IKON Pass?

EPIC Pass vs IKON Pass

Both are popular multi-resort season passes offered by two different ski resort companies. Pass offerings and details may change, so check their websites for the latest information.

Epic Pass:


Wide Range of Resorts: access to a broad portfolio of ski resorts owned by Vail Resorts, including iconic destinations like Vail, Breckenridge, Whistler Blackcomb, and Park City.

Unlimited Access: depending on the specific Epic Pass variant, some passes offer unlimited access to certain resorts without blackout dates.

Additional Benefits: you’ll often enjoy additional perks, such as discounts on accommodations, dining, and retail at participating resorts.

*EpicMix App: The Epic Pass integrates with the EpicMix app, allowing users to track their skiing/riding stats, earn digital pins, and access real-time information.

Variety of Pass Options: Vail Resorts offers various options, including regional passes and discounted passes for specific age groups.


High Cost: it can be relatively expensive, especially if you opt for the full Epic Pass with access to all resorts.

Crowded Resorts: Some of the most popular resorts get crowded during peak times, impacting the overall skiing/riding experience.

Limited Flexibility:  might not be suitable if you prefer exploring a wide range of resorts outside the Vail Resorts portfolio.

Ikon Pass:


Diverse Resort Options: provides access to a diverse range of ski resorts owned by Alterra Mountain Company, including destinations like Aspen Snowmass, Jackson Hole, and Big Sky.

Flexibility: offering different levels of access, and varying levels of flexibility, such as different numbers of days at different resorts.

Additional Perks: pass holders may receive additional benefits, such as discounts on retail, dining, and lodging at participating resorts.

No Blackout Dates for Some Passes: Some Ikon Pass options offer unlimited access without blackout dates at certain resorts.


The Ikon Pass might not cover as many resorts as the Epic Pass, particularly if you have a preference for Vail Resorts.

Though it covers a wide range of resorts, it may not include certain highly sought-after destinations that are part of other pass networks.

If you exceed the allotted days on certain Ikon Pass options, additional days might come at a higher cost.

Similar to the Epic Pass, some of the most popular Ikon Pass resorts experience high use during peak times.


Do you like a specific region or want the flexibility to explore various areas?

Evaluate the cost of each pass option based on your intended usage and the resorts you plan to visit.

Look into extra perks offered by each pass, like discounts and special promotions.

Look at the types of terrain, amenities, and overall experiences offered by the resorts covered by each pass.

It's crucial to check the most up-to-date information from both Vail Resorts (Epic Pass) and Alterra Mountain Company (Ikon Pass) before making a decision, as pass offerings and details may change from season to season. Your preferences and skiing habits will play a significant role in determining which pass is the better fit for you.

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