Cross Country Ski Length Chart




Cross Country Ski Length Chart

​How to Choose the Best Cross Country Ski Length

When choosing the appropriate cross-country ski length, consider your skiing style, height, weight, skill level, and terrain. 

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Skiing Style:will you be primarily classic skiing or skate skiing? Classic skis are generally shorter, while skate skis tend to be longer.

Height and Weight: use your height and weight as initial guidelines for selecting ski length. Classic skis typically range from the top of the skier's head to about shoulder height. Skate skis are generally longer, reaching from the chin to the top of the head. Sizing charts provided by each ski manufacturer often correlate height and weight to recommended ski lengths.

Skill Level: beginners may prefer shorter skis for better maneuverability and control. Intermediate to advanced skiers may opt for longer skis for improved stability and speed.

Terrain and Snow Conditions: shorter skis are more agile and suitable for twisty, technical trails, while longer skis provide better glide and stability in deep snow and variable conditions.

Flexibility and Camber: skis come in different flex patterns and camber profiles, affecting their behavior on the snow. Stiffer skis may require slightly shorter lengths, while softer skis may perform better at longer lengths. Your choice will depend on your ability & preferences.

Skiing Goals: are you leisurely touring, racing, or going for backcountry exploration? Different skiing disciplines may require specific ski lengths for optimal performance.

Personal Preference: plays a significant role in selecting ski length. Test different ski lengths to see which feels most comfortable and suits your skiing style and terrain preferences.

Consultation: if you're unsure about the best ski length for you, get advice from instructors, or professionals at a specialty ski shop.

Finding the appropriate cross-country ski length will enhance your performance and make your outings a lot more fun!

100 - 110
170 - 180
180 - 190
160 - 166
110 - 120
172 - 182
182 - 192
160 - 166
120 - 130
175 - 185
185 - 195
130 - 140
177 - 190
187 - 200
170 - 176
140 - 150
180 - 195
190 - 205
170 -176
150 - 160
185 - 195
195 - 210
160 - 180
190 - 195
200 - 210
180 - 186
190 - 195
205 - 210
190 - 196

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