What's a BMX Gyro?




What's a BMX Gyro?

What's a BMX Gyro?

A BMX gyro, aka rotor or detangler, is a component used to allow your handlebars to rotate a complete 360 degrees without tangling or twisting the brake cables. You can perform tricks and spins (ie. bar spins and tailwhips), without the brake cables getting tangled or restricting movement. It's usually only used for the rear brake cable.

Here's how it works:

Rotating Mechanism

A gyro consists of two sets of bearings and a series of interlocking cups that allow the brake cables to rotate freely while keeping them connected to the brake levers and brakes. This rotating mechanism enables the handlebars to spin 360 degrees without twisting or tangling the brake cables.

Brake Cable Routing

With a gyro installed, the brake cables are routed through the gyro instead of directly from the brake levers to the brakes. This allows the cables to move independently of the handlebars, providing the flexibility you need for tricks.


The gyro maintains tension on the brake cables, ensuring that the brakes engage properly when the brake levers are pulled, regardless of how many times the handlebars have been rotated. This allows you to maintain control and safely brake during and after performing tricks.


The addition of a gyro allows you to perform a wider range of tricks and maneuvers that involve handlebar rotation without the risk of tangling or damaging the brake cables, providing smoother and more responsive braking performance.

Installing and maintaining a BMX gyro requires some knowledge and skill, as it involves adjusting brake cables, aligning the gyro components, and ensuring proper tension for optimal performance. It adds complexity to the bike's setup, many riders find the benefits of being able to perform tricks more than outweigh the additional maintenance and setup required. Ride on!

A Brilliant Idea, One of Many

The BMX gyro was invented by Bob Haro in the early 1980s. An avid BMX rider, artist, and entrepreneur, he’s played a significant role in the development and popularization of BMX freestyle.

His invention of the gyro was a game-changer for BMX freestyle riders, opening up new possibilities for trick combinations and elevating the level of technical riding in BMX freestyle competitions and performances.

Bob Haro's contributions to the BMX world extend beyond the gyro; he is also known for his pioneering freestyle riding, founding Haro Bikes, and his impact on BMX culture and industry. The gyro remains a staple component in many BMX freestyle setups today, reflecting its importance and enduring legacy in the sport.


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