The Milo Action Communicator




The Milo Action Communicator

The Milo Action Communicator: Stay connected on the mountain!

The Milo replaces hand held walkie talkies. Pair it via bluetooth to an earbud or helmet speaker and make it easier to hear than having the speaker lower down on your arm or jacket, especially if you’re traveling fast or have a lot of ambient noise. It has a range of 600 meters, but also relays off every Milo you’re using so you can extend that distance quite a bit if you have several being used at once. 

It’s great for communicating on chairlifts or to warn friends of hazards, or to ask for help.

Give beginners tips on their skiing or snowboarding style from a distance.

Key features:

Hands-free: connect with friends with a touch of a button 

No phone or wifi needed while using the Milo Mesh Network 

Noise canceling technology eliminates wind and board noise for clear audio no matter what the conditions. 

Waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes.

Multi-way communication for groups up to 8 people.

A long battery life of 10 hours!

Update the software, not the device.

Arrives charged, straight out of the box, with verbal instructions for easy setup.

Equipped with various mounting options, including helmet mounts and armbands, the magnetic attachment system makes swapping between mounts easy, and the lanyards provided add to its usability.

Use it for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, kiteboarding & wakeboarding. With it's waterproof design and hands-free option, it's a must-have for all of your adventures.

Convenience and reliability for seamless communication, whether you're hitting the slopes or exploring the trails, this handy-dandy little item can keep you connected and safe.  okmilo.com/en-au

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