What's Canyoneering?




What's Canyoneering?

Canyoneering, also known as canyoning, is an outdoor adventure activity that involves exploration of any canyon. By combining various outdoor skills like hiking, scrambling, sliding, stemming*, chimneying**, rappelling, swimming, and sometimes even cliff jumping, you can fully explore these unique areas.

Canyoneering routes often require navigation through narrow slot canyons, which may involve rappelling down waterfalls or cliffs, wading or swimming through pools of water, and hiking or climbing over obstacles. Imagine extreme hiking, with a helmet, harness and ropes. It’s a lot of scrambling and butt-sliding.

Participants use specialized equipment such as rope systems, harnesses, helmets, and canyoneering-specific gear like rappelling devices and wetsuits to navigate the canyon safely.

Any canyon will do! Various environments include desert canyons, slot canyons, river canyons, and gorges, each offering unique challenges and stunning natural beauty.

Canyoneering is a rugged sport, and often remote. Potential hazards will depend on the nature of the terrain.

Proper training, knowledge of technical skills, and careful planning are essential to mitigate risks and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

If you’re new to canyoneering, look for expeditions that are guided by experienced professionals who’ll provide you with instruction and support.

*Stemming: this is a technique used to travel up or down a slot canyon by placing your left foot and left hand on one wall of the canyon, and your right foot and right hand on the other wall, while your body faces forward. It requires mostly leg strength.

** Chimneying: this involves placing your back against the rock wall of a vertical fissure, and your feet against the other, and then wedge your way upward.

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