How to Choose the Right Skimboard




How to Choose the Right Skimboard


A skimboard is a specialized board designed for gliding across shallow water, typically along the shoreline, and performing various tricks and maneuvers. Skimboards are typically smaller and thinner than surfboards, with a flat or slightly concave shape.

Construction: the core of a skimboard is usually made from foam, wood, or a combination of both. Foam cores, because they’re lightweight and buoyant, providing good floatation and maneuverability. Wood cores, often made from materials like plywood or hardwood, offer durability and stiffness.

The core is then sandwiched between layers of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or epoxy resin to provide strength and rigidity. Fiberglass and carbon fiber laminates are common in high-performance skimboards as they offer excellent strength-to-weight ratio and responsiveness.

Shape: skimboards come in various shapes, including round, pintail, and hybrid shapes. Round-shaped boards provide stability and are ideal for flatwater riding, while pintail boards offer better maneuverability and control in waves. Hybrid shapes combine elements of both for versatility.

Rails: or edges of the skimboard are typically rounded to allow for smooth transitions and better maneuverability. Some skimboards may have sharper rails for improved performance in waves.

Bottom Surface: is usually flat or slightly concave to provide lift and stability while gliding across the water. Some high-performance skimboards feature channels or contours to improve water flow and control.

Traction Pads or Wax: are applied to the deck surface to provide grip for the rider's feet. Traction pads are typically made from EVA foam and come in various shapes and designs to accommodate different foot positions.

Fins: some skimboards feature small fins for stability and tracking in waves, but finless designs offer maximum maneuverability and versatility in shallow water.

How to choose a skimboard:

Consider Your Skill Level: skimboards come in various shapes suited for different skill levels. Beginners do best with larger, wider boards with more buoyancy and stability, while advanced riders prefer smaller, more maneuverable boards.

Choose the Right Size: skimboards are  sized based on the rider's weight. As a general rule, the board should reach somewhere between your mid-chest and chin when standing vertically. Larger riders may need longer and wider boards for better floatation and stability.

Shape: round-shaped boards offer more stability and are ideal for beginners or flatwater riding. Pintail boards provide better maneuverability and are suited for more advanced riders or wave riding.

Construction: foam boards are affordable and lightweight, making them a great choice for beginners. Wood boards are durable but heavier. Fiberglass and carbon fiber boards are lightweight and offer better performance but can be more expensive. Consider the trade-offs.

Assess the Thickness: as it affects buoyancy and durability. Thicker boards provide more floatation and stability but sacrifice maneuverability. Thinner boards offer better control and performance but may be less forgiving for beginners.

Consider Your Riding Style: for wave riding, choose a board with a rocker (curved) shape to help navigate choppy water and waves. For flatwater riding, a flatter board with less rocker will provide better speed and glide.

Check the Rails and Traction: skimboards with rounded rails provide smoother transitions and better maneuverability. A board with adequate traction pads or wax will provide the necessary grip for your feet.

Test Before Purchasing: try out different skimboards to see which one feels most comfortable and suits your riding style. Many water sports shops offer demo days or rental options, allowing you to test multiple boards before buying.


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