Skateboard Deck Size Chart




Skateboard Deck Size Chart

How to Choose a Skateboard Deck

Deck size (inches)
US shoe size (men)
US shoe size (women)
7 - 7.375
Under 6
3'5" or less
7.375 - 8.0
6 to 12
3'5" to 5'2"
8.0 - 8.25
13 and older
5'3" and over
5'3" and over
9.5 and over
11 and over

The right size skateboard for you

Choosing the right size skateboard is crucial for a comfortable and fun riding experience. The right one depends on your preferences, riding style, and body size. 

Some things to consider when shopping around:

Deck Size

Width: typically ranges from around 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches or more. Choose a width that corresponds to your shoe size and feels right.

Smaller widths (7.5" to 7.75"): are suitable for street skating and technical tricks.

Medium widths (7.75" to 8.25"): are versatile for street and park skating.

Larger widths (8.25" and above): are better for ramps, pools, and cruising.

Length: though not as crucial as width, the board length plays a role in stability. Standard lengths range from 28" to 33". Shorter boards are more maneuverable, and longer ones offer more stability.

Wheelbase: is the distance between the trucks, affecting stability and turning ability. A shorter wheelbase provides a more responsive and agile ride. A longer wheelbase offers stability at higher speeds.

Riding Style: street skaters often prefer smaller, more maneuverable boards, while vert or ramp skaters might opt for larger, more stable decks.

Body Size: taller or heavier individuals may find larger decks more comfortable and stable, while smaller riders may prefer narrower and shorter boards.

Truck Size: match your truck width to your deck width. Trucks that are too wide or too narrow affect stability and turning.

Personal Preference: ultimately, it's up to your personal preference. Some skaters prefer wider decks for stability, while others prefer narrower decks for more control, flip tricks and ledges.

Test Riding: try riding different sizes before making a purchase. Visit a local skate shop where you can stand on different decks to get a feel for what suits you best.

It's often a matter of trial and error to eventually find the board that feels most comfortable for you. Ride on!

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