SENDY is about a community




SENDY is about a community

SENDY is about a community. A community that helps each other get outside, get in their bodies and feel the way nature always meant for them to feel. As a community, we need to get real about what our impact is on earth and what the barriers are to getting the next generation to breathe fresh air and gaze at new horizons. We need to work together to minimize adventures' impact and make it easier for people to chase their dreams. We don’t just want a happy planet, we want happy people too, and SENDY is the tool we can use to solve both problems. What do you have that someone else might need? Every single piece of gear that finds a new home is one less new product getting pumped out of a factory and shipped around the world. Every single piece of gear that finds a new home helps someone chase their dreams, drop into their bodies and focus on what matters.

The problem is not that we don’t have enough things, it’s that those things are inefficiently distributed. We have the power to change this forever. And by We, I mean You. Every single individual reading these words. If every one of us makes sure that we let nothing go to waste, nothing sit around collecting dust and getting outdated then the problem is solved. Imagine a world in which everyone who wants to thrive in nature has what they need to do so. Imagine the generations of lives that can change if we give families the tools to return to the great outdoors. To return to the health in their bodies and calmness in their minds. Let those children’s eyes see more shades of green than any other color.

When it comes down to it. Sure, SENDY can make you money and save you money, but I guess where we are going with this is, it’s not even really about you, or money. It’s about circling the wagons around what is really important in life. It’s about expanding our community and helping nature, adventure and health feel within reach of anyone who is dream of returning to what we were always meant to be.

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