Hearty Backcountry Meals




Hearty Backcountry Meals

Hearty Backcountry Meals

Easy to prepare meals are essential for providing you with the energy and nutrients needed to fuel your outdoor adventures. Go for lightweight and filling. Pack a portable stove or campfire equipment, along with a lightweight cookware set, to cook these meals in the backcountry.

Here are a few quick hearty meal ideas:


Instant Oatmeal: Quick-cooking oatmeal packets are a classic backpacking breakfast. Add hot water and mix in some dried fruits, nuts, or honey for added flavor & calories.

Dehydrated Scrambled Eggs: Convenient and protein-rich, just add hot water, and they rehydrate into a scrambled egg consistency.

Instant Pancakes: Pre-packaged instant pancake mixes are available. Just add water, cook on a portable stove, and top with syrup, nut butter, or fruit.

Instant Coffee or Tea: For caffeine lovers, instant coffee or tea bags can provide a morning pick-me-up.

On -the-move:

Trail Mix: A combination of nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips, and granola is an energy-packed snack to keep you fueled during the day.

Nut Butter Packets: Individual packets of peanut or almond butter provide a quick and high-calorie snack.

Lunch or Dinner:

Instant Rice and Beans: A hearty, high-protein option, you can add seasonings, dehydrated vegetables, and even canned chicken or tuna for extra flavor and protein.

Instant Mashed Potatoes: A great source of carbohydrates, add cheese, bacon bits, or dehydrated vegetables for a more filling meal.

Couscous: Quick-cooking and versatile, you can prepare it with hot water and add spices, dried fruits, nuts, or canned chicken for a complete meal.

Dehydrated Soup: Lightweight and easy to prepare, look for hearty options like minestrone, chili, and potato leek.

Instant Ramen Noodles: Super lightweight and cook quickly, add dehydrated vegetables, freeze-dried tofu, or canned chicken for extra nutrition and flavor.

Dried Pasta and Sauce Mixes: Many brands offer pasta and sauce mixes that only require boiling water. Options include macaroni and cheese and Alfredo pasta.

Instant Miso Soup: A warm and comforting option, just add hot water to the miso paste, and it's ready to enjoy.

Freeze-Dried Meals: Companies like Mountain House and Backpacker's Pantry offer a wide variety of these meals, including beef stroganoff, chicken curry, and lasagna.

Pita Bread and Hummus: Pita bread is a durable and versatile option for sandwiches or dipping into individual hummus packets.


Always follow Leave No Trace principles and pack out all trash and food scraps to protect the environment.

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