Sleeping Bags: Down or Synthetic




Sleeping Bags: Down or Synthetic

SENDY knows about the cozy side of backcountry living – sleeping bags. Choosing between down and synthetic depends on the conditions, and your style. Let's dive into the fluffy world of sleeping bags and find the one that'll have you snuggling up in backcountry bliss.

Down Sleeping Bags: Feathers of Warmth and Lightness

Imagine a sleeping bag that feels like a warm hug from the mountains – that's down for you. But like anything else, it's not without its quirks.


  • Light as a Feather: The weight-to-warmth ratio is off the charts.
  • Compressibility: Packs down like fresh powder under your board.
  • Durability: Built to last through countless nights under the stars.


  • Wet Woes: The Achilles' heel – loses its magic when wet.
  • Pricey Peaks: Quality comes at a cost.

Synthetic Sleeping Bags: The Trail-Tested Workhorses

Now, picture a sleeping bag that's like a reliable snowcat in the backcountry – that's synthetic. It's got its own perks and pitfalls.


  • Wet-Weather Warriors: Laugh in the face of rain – retains warmth when wet.
  • Quick Dry: Bounces back fast.
  • Budget-Friendly: Won't break the bank.


  • Bulkier Buddies: Takes up more space in your pack.
  • Lifespan Limbo: Not as durable in the long run.

The Grand Decision: Down or Synthetic?

Now, which one's the winner?  It depends on the mood of the mountains.


  • Wet Wonderland? Go Synthetic: If your adventures involve dancing with rain or river crossings, synthetic might be your trusty sidekick.
  • Weight Matters? Choose Down: If you're counting ounces and want the pinnacle of warmth-to-weight, down might be your ticket.

In the End, It's Your Call:

Your sleeping bag is your back country cocoon, so whether diving into a sea of down feathers or cozying up in the embrace of synthetic warmth, make the call based on your needs, the type of trip, and the budget you're rocking. Gear up, choose wisely, and let the mountains be your bedtime story.

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