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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get paid?

-When someone orders your item, SENDY secures the payment while the item is in transit. -Once the item arrives at its destination, the buyer has 24hrs to confirm receipt of the item (within the app), or open a claim for a return. -If they fail to confirm receipt, the money is automatically transferred to your SENDY wallet at the end of the 24hr window. -Once the money is in the wallet you can either use the money on SENDY or transfer it, with a minimal fee (.025%+ 25 cents), to your bank account.


What is eligible for a return?

- An item is only eligible for a return if it does not match the photos and description that the seller provided in the listing. - If the item doesn't fit, it is not eligible for a return.

When I return an item, when do I get my refund?

-You will receive your refund as soon as the item has been delivered back to its original owner.

How do I return an item?

- Returns are only permitted if the item does not match the photos and description provided by the seller. - Returns are not permitted if the item doesn't fit, unless the size you received is not the size the seller advertised in their listing. - Contact customer support for any further inquiries.


What do I do if I buy an item and the Seller is unresponsive?

-If the seller is unresponsive to the order you have placed, try sending them a message directly to their SENDY account. -Contact SENDY via the support module and we will try to contact them by phone or email. -A refund will automatically be processed if the seller is unresponsive for 10 days but SENDY support will cancel the order for you if you need to cancel it sooner. -Refunds generally post within 1-2 days in the form of reversals.

What if my seller cancels the order I placed?

-Odds are that the seller no longer has the item because they sold it through another channel or decided not to sell. -In the event that your purchase is cancelled by the seller, your refund will process automatically. -Refunds usually take 1-2 business days, depending on the bank. - Contact SENDY support with any further questions.


How does shipping work?

- When an item is sold, the seller receives a prepaid shipping label which they can get from their order status page for the item sold. They can print this label at home or at the UPS store for $3. - Shipping is calculated at checkout and pad for by the buyer. - Sellers are responsible for packaging he item properly and the costs of the packing material. - SENDY holds the funds once the the order has been placed. - All status and tracking updates are available through SENDY on the order status page for each piece of gear in transit. - Once delivered the buyer is given 24hrs to inspect the package and complete the transaction. - If they fail to complete the transaction the funds are automatically released to the seller once 24hrs had passed. - Payments are released based on the arrival of the package, so every item sold on SENDY must be shipped with the correct provided label.