Wakeboard Size Chart




Wakeboard Size Chart

Wakeboard Size Chart

Rider Weight (lbs)
Wakeboard Length (cm)

< 100

< 130








> 144

Wakeboard length is an important factor to consider when choosing the right board, and your weight is a key factor in determining the appropriate length. 

Here's a breakdown of how rider weight relates to wakeboard length:

Length and Stability: generally speaking, longer wakeboards provide more stability and buoyancy on the water. The larger surface area helps distribute your weight more evenly and allows for more control, and smoother rides, especially in choppy conditions.

Weight Ranges: are guidelines to help you choose the right board based on your weight. 

Matching Weight to Length: it's important to match your weight to the appropriate length range recommended by the manufacturer of a particular board. A poor match between board length and your weight can make the board more challenging to control.

Other Factors Influencing Length Choice: riding style, skill level, and personal preference also play a role in choosing the right wakeboard length. Advanced riders may prefer shorter boards for increased maneuverability and responsiveness, while beginners may benefit from longer boards for added stability and forgiveness.

Average Lengths: wakeboards typically range in length from around 130 cm to 150 cm. The average length for adult riders is typically between 135 cm and 145 cm, but this will vary based on individual preference.

Youth and Junior Boards: for younger riders or those of lighter weight, there are wakeboards specifically designed with shorter lengths and narrower profiles to accommodate their size and skill level.

Board Width and Rocker: in addition to length, factors such as board width and rocker (the curvature of the board from tip to tail) will influence performance and should be considered when selecting a wakeboard.

Test Ride: the best way to determine the right wakeboard length for you is by testing it out. Rent or demo different boards to find the one that best suits your weight, riding style, and skill level.

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