The Ultimate Ski Touring Boots




The Ultimate Ski Touring Boots

When it comes to ski touring, your choice of boots is crucial. Personal preference, budget and intended use are key, however, when it comes down to putting in some huge days in the backcountry, comfort is the most important factor. Using heat molding inserts, or taking time to break boots in, will make all the difference. These boots are for hiking and skiing.

SENDY’s here to bring you the lowdown on some of the top brands and models in the game.

1. Atomic Backland Carbon

For those who demand precision and power in every turn, the Atomic Backland Carbon is a beast. With its carbon-reinforced construction, these boots are like strapping jet engines to your feet. They're surprisingly lightweight, ensuring you can charge up the hill as fast as you rip down it. Plus, the customizable fit keeps you comfortable on those long backcountry missions.

2. Dynafit Hoji Free

Eric "Hoji" Hjorleifson knows a thing or two about big mountain riding, and his collaboration with Dynafit resulted in the Hoji Free. These boots seamlessly blend performance and versatility. The walk mode is a game-changer for the uphill grind, and when you're ready to drop in, the stiff flex provides the response you need for charging hard.

Consider also, the Dynafit TLT7 Performance. It's a top-rated touring boot designed for performance and efficiency. Know for it's light-weight design and quick transitions from touring to ski mode.

3. Salomon Shift Pro

Salomon has been a trusted name in the skiing world for years, and the Shift Pro continues that legacy. These boots are a masterpiece of design, featuring a customizable shell, heat-moldable liner, and the groundbreaking Surelock ski/walk mechanism. It's like having a key to the backcountry kingdom – unlock the freedom to explore, then lock in for an epic descent.

4. Scarpa Maestrale RS 2.0

The Scarpa Maestrale RS has earned its spot among the elite. Known for its impressive balance of weight, power, and durability, this boot is a go-to for serious backcountry enthusiasts. The Intuition liner provides a snug fit, and the range of motion in walk mode allows you to glide effortlessly through the untouched powder. Think: light-weight, performance and comfort.

5. La Sportiva Spectre 2.0

If you're seeking a boot that's as stylish and comfortable as it is high-performing, the La Sportiva Spectre 2.0 is your ticket. It's a classic all-around ski touring boot with a carbon-infused Grilamid shell. These boots offer a perfect combo of responsiveness and weight savings. The walk mode is smooth, and the Vibram sole ensures you stay sure-footed on sketchy terrain.

In the ever-evolving world of ski touring, these boots stand out as some of the best. Remember, it's not just about conquering the mountain; it's about doing it with style and the right gear. Check out gearlab.com for more in-depth reviews and the latest updates. Now go out there, embrace the wild, and let the mountains be your playground!

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