Splitboard Skins




Splitboard Skins

If you are buying a splitboard on SENDY and it doesn't come with precut skins, fear not, it is very easy to cut and fit your own skins with a razorblade often provided with the skins. We will walk you through the process in a different article but we wanted to give you a quick overview of some of the different brands making solid climbing skins out there.

The best splitboard skins can vary based on personal preference and the type of splitboarding you plan to do. Some popular and highly rated splitboard skins include:

  1. G3 Alpinist Splitboard Skins: These skins are made from a durable, water-resistant material and are known for their easy glide and reliable grip. The reliable grip component is what we most love about these, they also ascend steep angles but have a little less glide then some other brands.
  2. Black Diamond Ascension Splitboard Skins: Black Diamond's Ascension skins are made from a high-quality, hydrophobic material that provides good traction and glide. They are also designed for easy trimming and attachment. BD will do you solid on these and might offer the best value out there, they do everything pretty well, just make sure you use skin savers and take care of the adhesive.
  3. Voile Splitboard Skins: Voile is a well-known brand in the splitboarding community, and their skins are known for their good traction, durability, and easy attachment. Toyota truck of skins. Voile has been in the game a long time and stand behind their products. Some of the very first splitboards were Voile
  4. Spark R&D Blaze Splitboard Skins: Spark R&D's Blaze skins are made from a hydrophobic material that provides ok traction and good glide. Spark has some amazing equipment in the splitboard world, but for us personally we found the Spark to be a little more slick on the steep uphill tracks than some of the other brands.
  5. K2 Splitboard Skins: K2's splitboard skins are made from a hydrophobic material that provides good traction and glide comparable to other brands, and are designed for easy attachment and adjustment and often feature a custom attachment to certain boards that works well.

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