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Snowboarder Lingo

Snowboarder Lingo:

Snowboarders use a variety of specialized terms and jargon to communicate, describe their tricks, techniques, and the features of the terrain they ride. It’s a rich vocabulary that continues to evolve with the sport. Here are some commonly used:

Goofy and Regular: Snowboarders have a stance, either "goofy" (right foot forward) or "regular" (left foot forward), which affects how they approach tricks and terrain. Regular is most common.

Gnarly: Used to describe challenging or extreme terrain or conditions. "That run was gnarly!"

Stoked: Excited or enthusiastic. "I'm stoked for this powder day!"

Shred: To ride aggressively and skillfully. "Let's shred some fresh pow."

Pow: Fresh, deep snow that hasn't been groomed or compacted.

Jibbing (Jib tricks): Riding and doing tricks on non-snow features like rails, boxes, and other obstacles.

Grab: To grab the snowboard with one's hand during a trick, such as a method grab or indy grab.


Mute Grab: Grabbing the toe edge of the board with the front hand.

Tail Grab: Grabbing the tail (back) of the board with either hand.

Nose Grab: Grabbing the nose (front) of the board with either hand.

Method Grab: A stylish grab where the rider reaches back and grabs the heel edge with the back hand while tweaking the body.

Melon Grab: Grab the heel edge of the board with your front hand, either behind or in front of your front binding, and bending the front knee.

Indy Grab (Indy air): Grab the middle edge of your board with your back hand, between your feet, on the side of the board where your toes are pointing. This trick is only done while turning backside. 

Front Side Air: The Indy grab maneuver done while turning front side.

Spins: Rotating the snowboard in the air while jumping, often measured in degrees.

Spins & Flips:

180: A half-rotation in the air.

360: A full rotation in the air.

540: One and a half rotations.

720: Two full rotations.

900: Two and a half rotations.

1080: Three full rotations.

Corked Spin: A spin with a twisting motion.

Backflip: Rotating backward while in the air.

Front flip: Rotating forward while in the air.

Riding Switch: Riding with the opposite of your natural or regular stance foot forward.

Edge to Edge Transitions: When you shift your weight from the uphill edge to the downhill edge in order to initiate a turn.

Halfpipe: A U-shaped, snow-covered ditch or ramp used for performing aerial tricks.

Jumps and Aerial Tricks:

Ollie: Popping the tail of the board to lift it into the air, handsfree.

Method Air: A method grab performed while jumping.

Backside Air: An aerial trick where the rider faces away from the direction of rotation.

Frontside Air: An aerial trick where the rider faces toward the direction of rotation.

McTwist: A 540-degree backflip with a twist

Kickflip: A snowboard trick involving a flip of the board while in the air.

Butters and Flatland Tricks:

Butter: Using edge control and body movements to make smooth, flowing tricks on snow.

Flatland: Tricks performed on flat terrain, such as presses, spins, and board slides.

Tail Press: Balancing on the tail of the board with the nose lifted.

Nose Press: Balancing on the nose of the board with the tail lifted.

360 Butter: A buttering trick involving a 360-degree spin.

Presses: Leaning your weight over either the nose (nosepress) or the tail (tailpress) of the board in such a way that the opposite end of the board is off the snow.

Slides & Rails:

Boardslide: Sliding on a rail or box with the board perpendicular to the feature.

Lipslide: Sliding on a rail or box with the board parallel to the feature.

50-50: Sliding straight on a rail or box, it's the most basic jib trick.

270 Out: A spin out of a rail or box at a 270-degree angle.

Blunt Slide: Sliding on the tail of the board with the nose pointing down the rail.

Nose Press: Balancing on the nose of the board on a rail or box.

Inverts and Handplants:

Handplant: Placing one hand on the snow or obstacle while in the air.

Inverted Aerial: A trick where the rider goes upside down in the air.

Backcountry: Untamed and remote areas of the mountain that are not groomed or patrolled, often sought after for deep powder riding.

Groomer: A run that has been maintained and groomed by snowcat machines, providing smooth, even terrain.

Droppin' In: Announcing that you're about to start a run or drop into a terrain feature like a halfpipe.

Cork: A type of spin or flip with a twisting motion, like a corked 720.

Stomp: Landing a trick cleanly and smoothly without losing balance.

Corduroy: The textured pattern left on groomed slopes by the snowcat machines.

Pillow Lines: Riding natural snow mounds or bumps formed by snowfall on trees or terrain features.

Cat Track: A flat or gently sloping trail used to connect different parts of a mountain.

And of course, Après-ski: The socializing and relaxation that occurs after a day of snowboarding, often involving food, drinks, and camaraderie.

Snowboarding continues to evolve, with new tricks and names emerging as riders push the boundaries of the sport.

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