Pack Your Mountain Bike




Pack Your Mountain Bike

Several options of bags and boxes are available on the market to ship bikes. Through SENDY's preferred shipping rates SENDY is an excellent option if you need to ship a bike.

Many bike bags require the removal of both wheels of the bike, as well as other components, but we're going to talk about packing a bike into a box to ship via UPS.

To pack a mountain bike for transportation, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the front wheel: use a 5mm Allen wrench to loosen the bolts that hold the front wheel in place, then remove the wheel and set it aside.
  2. Deflate the tires: let out some air from the tires to make them easier to pack.
  3. Protect the frame: wrap the frame with padding, ie. bubble wrap or foam, to protect it from scratches and dings during transport.
  4. Secure the handlebars: turn the handlebars parallel to the frame and secure them in place with a strap, zip ties or tape to prevent them from moving during transport.
  5. Remove the pedals from the bike.
  6. Pack the wheels and frame: put the wheels and frame in a bike box. Make sure everything is secure and won't shift during transport.
  7. If the bike is packed well it is often unnecessary to detach the rear derailleur.

Once you've reached your destination, inflate the tires to the recommended pressure and reassemble the bike. Put the front wheel back in place and tighten the bolts. Check to make sure everything is secure and you're ready to ride!

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