Best Surfing in Hawaii




Best Surfing in Hawaii

Best Surfing in Hawaii

Hawaii is renowned for its world-class surfing, with each island offering unique surf spots. Here's a list of some of the best surfing spots in Hawaii, categorized by island:


North Shore: famous for its massive winter waves, particularly the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Waimea Bay.

Waikiki Beach: ideal for beginner and longboard surfing, with consistent waves and a lively atmosphere.

Diamond Head: offers a variety of waves suitable for different skill levels.


Honolua Bay: A powerful and hollow wave, best for experienced surfers.

Peahi (Jaws): Known for its colossal waves, it’s one of the most challenging big wave surf spots in the world.

Hookipa Beach Park: a popular spot for windsurfing & big wave surfing on the North Shore of Maui.


Hanalei Bay: a picturesque location with waves suitable for all skill levels.

Tunnels Beach: known for its reef breaks and excellent winter swells.

Kealia Beach: offering consistent waves and suitable for surfers of varying abilities.

Big Island (Hawaii)

Banyans: located on the Kona side, Banyans is a reef break that provides good waves.

Honoli'i Beach Park: on the Hilo side, known for its consistent waves and welcoming atmosphere.

Pine Trees: a long, mellow wave on the Kona side, suitable for longboarding.

Surf conditions vary based on the time of year and swell direction. Understanding your skill level is key. Check with local surf schools or experienced surfers for advice on the best spots for your abilities and the current conditions. Surfing in Hawaii requires respect for the ocean, knowledge of local etiquette, and attention to safety guidelines. Aloha!

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